Application for membership/entry of vessel/rig

If you want to apply for membership or you have vessels to be insured under an existing member please fill in the online entry form below or print this pdf Icon and return to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Member information
Details of vessel/rig
Assessed insurable value, as with H&M insurer
Interested parties to be included as owner/co-assured in the policy

Member of the Association, in accordance with § 1-4 of the Articles of Association, is normally any direct policy holder/the person effecting the insurance unless otherwise expressly agreed. Rights and obligations related to the membership of the Association rest with the member unless specified otherwise in the Articles of Association.

If another legal entity than the shipowner/the shipowning company (hereinafter ”the shipowner”) enters a vessel with the Association, for example a manager who acts pursuant to a management contract, the manager must ensure that the shipowner is identified and designated either as the assured or as co-assured. As pointed out above, the entity effecting the insurance would become the DNK member in respect of the vessel unless otherwise expressly agreed. In the case of co-assurance, both parties will be liable for the financial obligations of the member as towards the Association. If the shipowner effects the insurance himself, and wants the manager to be co-assured, for example in relation to the P&I coverage which the Association offers, that should be so requested by the shipowner. - If the entity that enters the vessel only acts on behalf of the shipowner as an intermediary, however, typically as a broker, that entity will not be insured or become party to the insurance contract, and cannot hold member rights.

The purpose of identifying the member, is to ensure that the correct party becomes the holder of the membership rights, such as the right to meet and vote at general meetings, and receive other benefits that might accrue to a member according to the Articles of Association. The parties involved in the process of entering a ship as insured in the Associaton – the shipowning company, the operator or manager if different from the shipowning company, or a broker that is involved as per authority from such parties – should cooperate in order to ensure that the ship is correctly entered in the books, bearing in mind that all co-insured (excluding mortgagees) normally are jointly and severally liable with the member for the financial obligations vis a vis the Association. This does not apply to a broker solely acting as an intermediary, who accordingly is not a party to the contract of insurance.